We're Ammortal.

We are innovators, scientists, gaming experts and entrepreneurs who are passionate about well-being. We seek to turn health from a liability into our greatest asset, and in the process - end chronic disease - so that together, we can create a vastly more vibrant global society.  We believe that health is not hard, everyone should have it; and that healthcare should find profit in wellbeing, not disease.

Ammortal is currently in a pre-launch phase, so this site is only a place holder. That will all change in 1Q21. We are super excited! Prior to that time, if you are an interested potential partner, collaborator or investor, please contact us with any questions: 


"Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel and believe has an effect on our state of well-being"

Greg Anderson

Ocean Rocks

Ammortal Platform

Coming Soon

The Ammortal Platform seeks to reveal each person’s most healthy & vibrant self, and empower their greatest possible societal contribution.  It will create a clear path to wellbeing that blends the latest root-cause resolving science and proven holistic practices (for the body, mind and spirit) - using our A.I.-driven, habit-forming platform gamified to each person’s needs, mindset & habits.

Ammortal Chamber

Coming Soon

The first of many stacked-technology creations by Ammortal, that offer superhuman benefits. Get ready to look, feel and perform better.  A few times a week can detox, de-inflame, rejuvinate, restore, energize, repair and empower - repairing at a cellular level.


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