What will you

dare create  achieve

when you unlock
your infinite possibility?

The Regenesis 5 from Ammortal®

For the first time, a unique fusion of 5 powerful therapies 
has been combined to impact and uplevel every part of your being.


Introducing Ammortal®

Ammortal is a partnership of award-winning innovators, scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs. We create tools and technologies that nurture and guide individuals to “re-remember” they are powerful beings, with remarkable self-restoring human bodies, that can manifest and create unimaginable contributions to elevate the world.

The Regenesis 5, Ammortal’s first product, evolved from our experience treating more than 9,000 patients by addressing the holistic root causes that inhibit the human system (mind, body, spirit) from restoring itself.

With the unique therapy stack of the Regenesis 5, Ammortal integrates 5 proven, powerful cutting-edge technologies, blended with the wisdom of ancient practices, to rejuvenate every part of your being.

Synthesizing Ancient and Sacred Energy Therapies
in harmony with the latest discoveries in biology and physiology

Replenish | Revitalize | Renew | Recenter

in just 20 minutes a day


high-intensity red and near-infrared


pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF)



Purifying Breath:

molecular hydrogen

Breath for centering:

guided breathwork

Revitalize: stimulates, circulates, energizes, and heals

Humans use energy from the sun in many forms. The Regenesis 5 harnesses the power of specific frequencies of red and near-infrared (NIR) light to heal. Research shows red light can stimulate mitochondria to make more ATP, the body’s principal molecule for storing and transferring energy. Red light is also shown to increase the cells’ ability to take in and release critical substances (cell respiration); this effect is amplified when more hydrogen molecules are available. With more ATP, the light can stimulate the healing of skin to reduce wrinkles. It can optimize sex hormones like testosterone and thyroid hormones, balance fat- to- muscle ratio, restore natural energy, and optimize sleep quality. It can also directly stimulate the brain to improve cognition. And, as a bonus, the impact of this light energy can be magnified by the complementary therapies in the Regenesis 5

Replenish: synergizes, accelerates, harmonizes, and magnifies

Earth’s magnetic field encompasses all living organisms and is essential for sustaining life. Pulsing this magnetic energy can “supercharge” cells in beneficial ways. Magnetic energy increases the ability of cells to absorb all other energies stacked in the Regenesis 5 by 40%, thereby magnifying the other elements’ effectiveness. By itself, magnetic energy has been shown to accelerate bone healing, decrease anxiety and depression, speed healing in damaged tissues, regenerate nerves, and regrow cartilage in the body. This powerful energy is the foundation for the other elements’ synergistic and harmonious benefits.

Realign: restores, reconditions, synergizes, and adjusts

When two metal objects collide, it produces a powerful vibration of sound. These sound waves are believed to influence our entire state of being and even change the expression of our DNA. Vibration is integral to all living systems; by adding vibration we are affecting our very essence. Specific vibrations are time-honored for healing and promoting wellbeing. Sound healing can alter moods, heal bones, activate genes for healing, calm the nervous system, and heal metabolic syndromes (abnormal blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol). Sound can directly alter psychological state and improve wellbeing within 10 minutes.

Renew: purifies, releases, soothes, and calms

More than a mere component of the air we breathe, hydrogen is one of the most powerful antioxidants we can ingest. Molecular hydrogen scavenges the free radicals that damage DNA and promote inflammation, disease, and premature aging. As it does, it bonds to form water … the essence of life. It’s so powerful that studies on people and animals give evidence of its abilities to increase lifespan, maximize metabolism, reduce inflammation at the genetic level, restore brain function, and reduce obesity and blood sugar dysfunction. It even protects multiple organs from damage. The presence of hydrogen amplifies the effect of red and near-infrared light by giving the energy-producing mitochondria in our cells more protons so they can produce even more energy.

Recenter: harmonizes, embodies, and elevates

The key ingredient to the power of the Regenesis 5 is you—the metaphorical “wood.” All living organisms, including humans, use the energies from the other four elements (symbolized by fire, earth, metal, and water) to thrive. We have integrated breathwork practices that will impact and create calm. Research implicates a connection between such breathwork and the vagus nerve, a key component of the parasympathetic nervous system that regulates a vast array of crucial bodily functions. When taken together, the elements combine to create powerful harmony within ourselves and within our environment. “Wood” thrives when the other elements are there to nurture it, protect it, and guide it.

20 Minutes Generates Exponential Returns

Activate and restore inside
the Regenesis 5

5 synergistic energy therapies replenish, revitalize, renew, and recenter

Arise reenergized, resilient, and ready

Heal One, Heal All

Ammortal’s team of award-winning innovators, scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs developed the Re-Genesis Chamber as the inevitable outgrowth of their shared mission to galvanize human potential and support leaders and aspiring changemakers as they work to improve our world.